All exams passed? All credit points together? Then it’s time for the last big step to the academic degree: It’s the final thesis’s turn.

Whether Bachelor, Master or Diploma: the last major work before the much desired graduation is the greatest challenge in the study, because for most of the final hurdle is also the first major self-written work in the study. Humanities scholars start early with chores, but IT or engineers seldom write multilingual essays. There are a few basic rules to follow, so that the degree is as good as hoped.

Write the thesis at the university or in the company?

In the first place is the question of where. Where do I write the work? Especially in technically oriented study programs it is not unusual not to write at the institute but in a company. That has advantages. The work is then rather practical and deals with a specific issue in the company. In addition, so wonderfully vitamin B can be collected. Large companies often offer graduation work in order to tie young talents to the company at an early stage. Who writes the master’s thesis in the company, has good chances for a later takeover. Disadvantage: Thematically one is restricted according to the respective industry.

If you write at the university this is not the case. Institutes often offer a wide range of topics and are open to their own suggestions. However, you should look for a caregiver early on. The professors’ capacities are limited – whoever comes first, first serve. It is never a disadvantage to be in good contact with the professor. That facilitates the persuasion work. If you have a topic and a supervisor, then it goes to the neat.

The right shape is half the battle for the thesis

Before you start writing, you need to do a thorough literature search and you should not underestimate it, because it takes a lot of time and is the basis for a good job.

At least as important – the lecturers preach again and again – is the form. Anyone who pats here, unnecessarily gives away potential. Look at notes on the structure of the bachelor thesis and take it to heart. This includes correct spelling and grammar and, most importantly, correct citation.

Quotations and sources are a science in their own right and it is not for nothing that their own courses are offered every semester. Whether one uses the German or the English citation method, depends on the specifications of the professor, it should be used properly in any case, if only to avoid plagiarism allegations.

Speaking of English: More and more students want to write their bachelor thesis in English. That may make an impression, but you should not make that decision lightly. Although everyone understands English more or less well these days, watching the series in its original form does not mean that you have perfect English skills. Scientific English is complex and wants to be learned. Who is not absolutely sure, should leave it, because bonus points for cute mistakes do not exist in a scientific work.

Communication prevents a rude awakening

The real work takes you from anyone, but most of the uncertainties and problems solve with good preparation and a good line to the caregiver alone.

A schedule (to which one also holds) works wonders in chronic Prokrastinierern. And the regular exchange with the Prof gives security. Clarify important questions beforehand: How extensive should the work be? Which citation should be used? How many and which sources should be used? Discuss your ideas and designs to stay on the right track.

The work then does not write itself, but it will be scared. And no matter how sure you are, have the completed thesis read by at least two friends or acquaintances. You will someday be “blinded”. And another well-intentioned advice: Take a break! Everybody has to lift their heads, meet friends and party. If you then get back to work, it is a bit easier from the hand.